Free Comic Book Day 2013

Don’t forget May the 4th is Free Comic Book Day.  Go to your comic book store for your free Star Wars comic.  Yes!  May the 4th be with you!

By Ani Fardreamer

When They Die

You know, what’s funny about reading the Star Wars novels chronologically is that we soon begin to live this separate universe with all these characters. We watch their children grow up, get married. We’re introduced to their siblings and friends. The more we know about them, the more we want to know about them. Pretty soon, we get attached, and it’s a tragedy when someone dies.

Troy Denning did a wonderful thing with Invincible. He began every chapter with a joke that Jacen told as a child, taking the reader back to a more innocent time — flashbacks to contrast with the man he is in Legacy of the Force. What a journey it was. I am saddened by the series. What came to pass, it had to be — at such a terrible price.  May the Force be with him.

By Ani Fardreamer

Star Wars Wish List for Disney

Disney Star Wars : Episode VII -  Cinderella, ...

Disney Star Wars : Episode VII – Cinderella, I am your father (Photo credit: Gilderic Photography)


I have a wish list for the new Star Wars trilogy:

  1. Leave the family structure from the novels intact.
  2. The Big Three make cameos as the older versions of their classic characters.
  3. Make the movies about Ben, Anakin Solo, Jacen, and Jaina.
  4. Totally disregard everything about the Killiks, Callista, entechment, and cloning the Emperor.  I didn’t like Boba Fett surviving the Sarlacc Pit, but I just finished Bloodlines and his character moved me.  It’s okay with me if he lives.
  5. I am currently reading Legacy of the Force and very close to Sacrifice.  Maybe they can bring some of my favorite characters back to life.

I hope to finish up the novels written during the period ABY before the new movies are released, before they potentially crush my universe.  I wonder how much I’m going to like Star Wars after this, but Disney really is the best company to pass the saga to.  I’m looking forward to a Star Wars theme park.  Now that would be something.  If anything, maybe they can put a section next to Cars Land.

By Ani Fardreamer

More Star Wars!!

My dream has come true.  Star Wars lives!  George Lucas sold the rights to Disney and episode VII is planned for release in 2015.  Please, make it not too far in the future.  Let us see the Solo and Skywalker children.  Bring Anakin back from the dead.  Finally, another Star Wars movie.  I never thought I’d see the day.

Carrie Fisher — Any Answers?

So, hubby and I went to watch Carrie Fisher in her new show, Any Questions?, at the Improv.  They told us it was a packed house; and since there were only two of us, we might be seated with other patrons.  We sat in bench seats facing the stage with a table in front of us.  Opposite were two chairs, which would seat our tabelmates.  Fortunately, the house did not fill to capacity and our view was not completely obstructed.

We chose to have dinner before the show so that we’d have priority seating and a more relaxed pace.  There were little pieces of paper on the table for us to write our questions on. 

When the show started, Carrie walked through the crowd with her dog, Gary.  That has to be the cutest dog I’ve ever seen.  It’s got big ears that remind me of Yoda and a tongue that hangs out one side of his mouth.  He was a little antsy at first.  Someone came out to handle it, and then it spent the rest of the show sleeping on Carrie’s lap.  Cute dog.

I thought the show would be completely unscripted, but it was a very controlled.   Carrie mixed some monologue — recognizable by many from prior interviews, books, and shows — with audience questions, skillfully leading some of the questions straight to the parts she’d prepared.  Of course, she had to talk about Star Wars, being the child of famous parents, the man who died in her bed, and her gay ex-husband.   There was a little about drug use, her stint in a mental hospital, and her parents.  Most of it was stuff her fans would already know, but she keeps it fresh. 

Carrie read the questions aloud, at first calling out the people who asked them.  She didn’t answer them all, I could see her skipping through them.  Someone asked about her taping her chest in Star Wars.  Another person asked her about dating, and yet another asked about Paul Simon singing about her in song. 

She did actually answer one of my questions: “Did you ever have an affair with one of your co-stars?”  “Well, duh!  Can you tell I don’t live in Hollywood?  She’s not a two-word answer kind of gal.  The conversation turned to Twilight and began to feel like the audience and she were taking part in a private gossip session, revealing only what was in th headlines, of course.

Great show, lots of laughs.  Too bad she didn’t stay for autographs.

Carrie Fisher — Any Questions?

Oh my, Carrie Fisher is coming to an Improv near me. Any Questions? Yeah, I’ve got questions! I can’t wait to see them answered. We’re planning dinner and the show, which is supposed to mean priority seating.

We had to type in our questions when we bought the tickets. I think I should have held off until I could think of some more juicy ones, but I’m sure there will be plenty for her to answer. I find her a crack-up. This will be fun.

Star Wars Reads Day at Barnes and Noble

Star Wars Reads Day was a raving success.  There were so many fans, adult and children, at the Barnes and Noble event my daughter and I chose.  Yes, we called the venues and compared their activities, picking the one with the 501st attending.  They can really make it feel like Star Wars.  We didn’t hear them all talk, but the ones that did looked and sounded like the real deal.  They had voice modulators that blew the kids away.  It was incredible.  And those Tusken Raiders, they looked like they just stepped off Tatooine.

I was expecting a few crafts and a story and we’d go home, but this Barnes and Noble kept us busy for more than three hours.  They had story time, trivia contests, cupcake decorating, a voice imitation contest, and a huge scavenger hunt that had us running all over the store looking for Star Wars characters.  That was not easy.  We ended up collaborating with some diehard fans and still couldn’t get them all.  The grand finale was a raffle drawing where they gave away Star Wars prizes and a Nook.

It was wonderful to see all the fans — entire families — young and old enjoying the day together.  Here’s another event I will be looking forward to doing again next year.

Star Wars Reads Day — Check Your Venue

Star Wars Reads

If you are planning on going to a Star Wars Reads event, it would be wise to call and check with the venue first.  I went to a local Barnes and Noble today to check up on the even scheduled at their store and the lady there told me there was no event scheduled.  When I told her it was on the website, she checked with someone on the phone and it turned out to be an error.  They gave me some Star Wars stickers, bookmarks, pins and an origami page of Boba Fett to make me feel better.

I called a second Barnes and Noble venue that was also listed as hosting an event and they told me what they are planning depends on how many people show up. If only a few people show up, they might just read a book. If a lot of people show up, they’ll do giveaways and other things.

The third Barnes and Noble I called up is going all out and doing crafts, games and giveaways.

Bottom line, check with the venue. It could be good, or you may be disappointed.  Shame on Barnes and Noble for being so spotty with their event planning, but hoping the event is a success so more venues will jump on the bandwagon next year.

By Ani Fardreamer